Lisa Lewis hold dog's paw

Choose the Right Pet Sitter

This guest post is presented by our awesome friends at A Critter Sitter Co, Lisa Lewis and Mary Fab. Lisa and Mary have been caring

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Springer Spaniel with tennis ball in its mouth

Fun with Your Older Dog

Doggie Games to Play Part 1 of 2 in the series Here are a few fun ways for entertaining your older dog. No purchase required!

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Cute dog wearing sunglass with aline ticket in its mouth and sitting on airplane

Cute Carry-Ons for Dog Lovers

These carry-ons are irresistibly cute! They belong to Chariot Travelware’s whimsical collections, available at Amazon. You can bet you’ll receive compliments on your carry-on when

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White flowers

How Your Vet Sees Euthanasia

So, you bring me this puppy – she kisses my face, devours the cookies I offer, and our friendship starts. Several visits later, he starts

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Carroll and Drummer at work

My Furry Desk

Okay, so now you all know where I spend my time researching and writing my articles for Good Old Doggie. In my family room, comfortably

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Dog and woman at beach

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer Fun for Your Senior Doggie Part 1 of 2 in the series Summer isn’t just for humans. No, it’s very much a time for

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