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Lisa Codianne Fowler, Founder 

Lisa Codianne Fowler

Lisa has a lot of experience with caring for old dogs. She and her husband, Patrick, decided many years ago that giving old dogs a second chance was a most rewarding experience… seeing them transform from frightened, ill, and suspicious animals to loving, trusting, and happy ones, and literally, coming to life. This is what inspired her to create this site, along with the desire to share what she has learned about caring for older dogs. Email her at Lisa@GoodOldDoggie.com.

Lisa is a travel writer by trade; one of her specialties is pet-friendly travel. Follow her travels and get travel tips at whereislisanow.com.

Luke Murray, Contributor

Council of Neighbors

Luke is a prolific writer and a champion for humanitarian causes as well as animal welfare. He created Council of Neighbors after an attempted burglary in his neighborhood put the spotlight on his community’s neighborhood watch system. The site aims to provide resources to help people keep their communities, families, and homes safe.

Email him at Info@CouncilOfNeighbors.com.

Wendy Lyons Sunshine, Certified Family Dog Mediator

Wendy Lyons Sunshine

Wendy Lyons Sunshine, MA, is an award-winning journalist, writer, and editor who has contributed articles and essays to The New York Times, AARP Magazine, ScientificAmerican.com, Inside Your Dog’s Mind, Sarasota Scene, and scores of other publications. She has authored numerous books including  The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family (2007, McGraw-Hill), a bestseller with over a quarter of a million copies sold.

Wendy allows us to share her insightful Tender Paws blog posts that she writes for Psychology Today.

Lisa Burns, Contributor

Lisa Burns

Co-Founder and Vice President of Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary (FANS), Lisa Burns has been a local business owner/manager for over 30 years in the construction, landscape, and retail fields. She brings an educational background in Marketing/Management. Lisa is a published writer who covers topics in gardening, wildlife, and pets. Her animal experiences include eight-plus years of hands-on caring for farm animals, two years as a live-in caretaker at a local sanctuary caring for exotic, wild, and farm animals before co-founding FANS in 2017. She is a lifelong pet owner of domestic animals, and volunteered for many years working on fundraisers, acquiring grants, and marketing for a local wild, exotic, and farm animal sanctuary.

Visit FANS website at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary.

Melonie Richards, Contributor

Melonie Richards

Melonie loves working at a school where her black lab, Piper is the emotional support dog. She has seen the benefit of having a furry four-legged friend assist with students who are struggling and need the unconditional love of a dog. She works as an Admissions Counselor at Front Range Christian School in Littleton, CO.

She has also been employed as an Adoption and Foster Care Home Study Contractor, an Alzheimer caregiver, a flight attendant, and a gymnastics instructor. She has her Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She and her husband, Lars, have a daughter, Rae, who is studying Industrial Design at Metro State University. Their son, Luke graduated to Heaven in 2020. Melonie enjoys reading, going to the beach, and her black lab, Piper.

Carroll Regan deCarle, Senior Editorial Director

Carroll Regan deCarle

Note: Carroll has been a strong, positive force in helping to launch this site in 2020. She is currently on sabbatical. 

Carroll is not only passionate about dogs, but she possesses a special gift… her writing will touch your heart. Her mind is brimming with helpful tips that she is eager to share with others. She’s been there, done that, and wants to spare you the time and research you would otherwise have to do. Carroll established our very fun and inspiring Good Old Doggie Facebook Group. Email her at Carroll@GoodOldDoggie.com.

Carroll is a published book author and motivational speaker. Visit her at carrolldecarle.com.

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