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Pet-Friendly Travel

As a travel writer by trade and a dog lover at heart, I’ve been writing about pet-friendly travel for years. And as an old dog myself, some of the articles appeared only in print. However, in recent years, many have been featured online. I would like to direct you to for just a few of them. More on the horizon.

You’ll note that these are all located in Florida, our home, which is replete with dog-friendly destinations. We’ve experienced quite a few. Do you have some favorite pup-friendly places to share in Florida or in any other part of the country or the world? Let us know in the comments below.

In Florida, Every Dog has its Stay

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When it comes to pampered pooches, Florida has many “tails” to tell. Pet-friendly properties are prevalent in every corner of the state and some have unique offers for your four-legged friends. Here are a few for your consideration. READ MORE…

How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Resort in Sarasota, Florida

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Sarasota has not only earned its moniker as the “Cultural Capital of Florida,” it could easily lay claim to the “Canine Capital” as well. This city by the bay on the west Florida coast is replete with pet-friendly parks, restaurants, and resorts, making it a prime vacation locale for you and your pets. READ MORE…

Beach Tails

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Sand between our toes, wet noses and wagging tails… oh and lobster tails… these are a few of our favorite things. So, there was no doubt in our minds that we would celebrate our wedding anniversary at the beach with our kids. Since they happen to be of the four-legged variety, we headed back to our home away from home… Rolling Waves Beach Cottages on Longboat Key in Southwest Florida. READ MORE…

A Question for You

Should we add a Pet-Friendly Travel section to Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Happy Trails! Oh, I mean, “Happy Tails!”







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