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10 Fun Facts About Dogs

We can never get enough fun facts about dogs! Here are 10 interesting ones you may not have heard.

1. Dogs don’t feel guilt

Researchers found those puppy dog eyes are not a sign of guilt. In fact, they are just the way we interpret a dog’s reaction to being scolded.

2. Dogs have great night vision

They only have two cones in their eyes to detect colors, whereas humans have three. That means Dogs can see in color dogs see colors on a blue and yellow scale but cannot distinguish between red and green. On the other hand, they have better night vision than humans.

3. Dogs can smell disease

If your canine chum is acting strange there might be nothing wrong with them – the problem could be with you. Your dog can actually diagnose your cancer, something scientists are eager to explore further, as well as diabetes and the early signs of an epileptic seizure.

4. Dogs can be pretty smart

You might sometimes think your dog is as daft as a brush, but the truth is that they can actually be as smart as a two-year-old child, according to research presented to the American Psychological Association.

5. Tail wagging has its own language

A wagging tail doesn’t always mean a dog is happy. Apparently, dogs wag their tail to the right when they’re happy and to the left when they are frightened. Wagging low means they are insecure and rapid movements accompanied by tense muscles or dilated pupils can signal aggression.

6. They really are hot dogs

The normal body temperature of a human is 37C, but a dog’s is a whole degree higher at 38C (101.5F plus or minus 1 degree). And unlike humans, dogs don’t have sweat glands all over their body, just on the pads of their paws.

7. Dogs have their own “fingerprint”

A dog’s paw print may look pretty generic but their nose print is actually as unique as a human fingerprint. Their combination of ridges and creases is so distinct it can actually be used to identify them.

8. Dogs dream just like you

This won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who has watched their own dog twitching or whimpering in their sleep. Dogs have the same brain wave patterns while they are asleep as humans, so they dream just like we do. But what is more surprising is the fact that not all dogs dream the same amount. Small dogs actually have more dreams than big dogs.

9. They don’t call it puppy love for nothing

The concept that dogs can fall in love was suggested by anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Social Lives of Dogs, who believed two dogs named Sundog and Bean were agonized star-crossed lovers kept apart because neither of their owners wanted to give them up. Dogs can fall in love.

10. The Beatles song “A Day in the Life”

has an extra high-pitched whistle, audible only to dogs. It was recorded by Paul McCartney for the enjoyment of his Shetland sheepdog.

Funny Dog Facts Infographic

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