Super-Cute Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

I’ve had Chihuahuas that LOVED to be dressed up. My sweet Cappucine was okay with the idea. But, my feisty Mimi would get so excited when I opened the drawer where I keep doggie clothes!

Mimi in her raincoat

She would prance and model and wag her tail whenever she wore an item from her fabulous couture collection.

On the other hand, after Mimi, we had Giselle, who was terrified and would freeze if I put any fabric on her little body. Currently, we have Miss Fancy, who will also have nothing to do with any outfits other than her own fur.

I share this, because if your dog shies away from clothing, please respect her wishes. But, if she enjoys the extra attention she gets when dressed to the nines, read on.

Oh, before I continue, I must share that we’ve always had rescue Chihuahuas (technically, mine) and rescue English Springer Spaniels (technically, my husband’s). He prohibited me from what he termed, “humiliating” his dogs by making them dress up. The most he would allow was a bandana. 

With that being said, we’ve been poking around on the internet, and there are plenty of dog Halloween costumes to choose from for the dog who loves to get decked out.  You can check out many of them on Amazon and Chewy. We’ve selected a number of those that are oh-so-cute, comfortable for your dog, and reasonably-priced.

Trending on Chewy

These are all for cats as well as dogs. Available in multiple sizes. Currently on special: Buy one, get one, mix and match.

Snow White Disney Princess

Snow White



Monkeys Carrying Bananas

Monkeys Carrying Bananas

Trending on Amazon

These are on sale and/or available for one-day delivery for Prime members. Multiple sizes.

 Holy Hound Pope Value Pack
Holy Hound Pope.                   Guitar Dog

          Cinco de Mayo Dog

Note: Chewy has a fun but limited inventory of costumes still on offer as of 10-26-20. Amazon has a seemingly infinite amount. Both companies are offering great last-minute deals right now. Happy shopping!

P.S. For tips and ideas about how to celebrate Halloween with your dog during COVID-19, Click HERE.

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