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Mental Stimulation Toys for Dogs

Keep your dogs engaged in a productive way. Instead of allowing them to explore your designer shoes, handbags, homework, and otherwise enticing doggie items, give them some healthy mental stimulation toys for dogs, designed to challenge and entertain! Here are just a few. 5 of the Best Dog Toys for Mental Stimulation Excerpts from Hepper.com […]

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Best homemade dog food recipes

Recipes for the Best Homemade Dog Food

I spent hours researching the best homemade dog food recipes that are safe, healthy, and vet-approved. Damneddelicious.net rose to the top of the list for several reasons. I love that they provide mix and match recipes, based on the guidelines from dog nutrition experts, balanceit.com, which includes necessary percentages of protein, veggies, and fruit, based

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