Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge and what it means to me

I think the term “crossing the Rainbow Bridge” is perhaps one of the most poignant references to feelings of hope. After all, hope is lost as we bid farewell to our loving, compassionate, non-judgmental friend and companion to the very end.

Where did this phrase “crossing the Rainbow Bridge” come from, and when, you might ask? I know I have asked myself that very question countless times. I, like most of you, knew the premise behind the terminology, but I wanted to understand how it all came about.

It’s believed to have originated in the 1980s, and 1990s, in several works of poetry, which were meant to help relieve the immense pain suffered by those who lost their pet. According to those poems, our deceased pet crosses over that Rainbow Bridge to gently rolling fields of emerald green velvet. Skies forever filled with sunshine.

Warm days and cold nights peppered with balmy breezes. Azure blue skies and fluffy clouds like cotton candy. Plenty of crisp, clear, fresh streams to drink from and splash in. No more pain, EVER! Their health fully restored, affording them the freedom to run and play as they did in their prime. To once again, be that happy, playful pup of years gone by far too quickly. Plenty of food and water and treats.

An endless supply of tennis balls and frisbees. And, yes, all the sticks they want. He has plenty of old and new friends to play with all day long. To keep his mind content and happy except for the times he cannot help but miss his humans. Those special people he had to leave behind.  Many hearts broke that terrible day. One could say goodbye; the other could only hear their words. See their tears. They could only hope and pray that their companion knew how much they would be missed.

Today will be a different day. As he runs with his friends through that verdant meadow, something makes him stop. Drop his stick. The dynamic of the meadow has suddenly changed. Something in the distance beckons him. He asked himself as he gazes at the horizon, “Could it be?  Could it be?”

His whiskey-colored eyes grow larger as he sees what is approaching. His body quivers like a lonely leaf on a windy day. His tail begins wagging uncontrollably, and he takes off across that meadow like a solid rocket booster, running faster than he’s ever run before. Each, spotting the other, tears of joy streaming down the face of his companion as he runs to meet, once again, his long lost and forever loved, best friend.

He falls to the ground, filled with more love than he’s ever known, as his pet devours him with kisses. You cling to him while your kisses and tears of joy flow like warm honey all over his wiggling, waggling body. You run your fingers through his thick bountiful coat. Rub him behind his ears as you did so many years ago. You kiss him on top of his magnificent head, all the while, your tears of happiness rain down upon God’s perfect creature.

Through a veil of tears, your eyes meet, and gazes are held. Once again, God has allowed you to gaze into the trusting and loving eyes of your faithful companion. In those eyes, you can see a lifetime of amazing tales. In time, he will reveal all to you.

But, today is not that day. He may have been absent from your life, but NEVER FROM YOUR HEART.  And, as the story goes, from this day forward, you’ll never be apart again. Together, side by side, you both cross back over the Rainbow Bridge and enter through the spectacular Gates of Heaven.

This is my take on the story of the Rainbow Bridge and just what it means to me. It’s how I elect to envision it. I hope I’m right, and when I cross over that beautiful bridge, every pup we’ve lost throughout our lifetime will indeed be there all lined up and ready to greet me. Free of pain as they run freely on strong legs and powerful bodies to slather me with all their love and kisses.

That will be a truly magical and joyful day as God’s creatures escort me into Heaven.

Good Old Doggie Correspondent Carroll Regan deCarle is a passionate dog lover, having had German Shepherds, Keeshonds, and Golden Retrievers. Her current best friend is a cuddly, yet mischievous Golden Retriever named Drummer. Carroll is a published author and motivational speaker. Despite her many accomplishments both online and off, she calls herself “The Non-Wizard of the Worldwide Web.”

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6 thoughts on “Crossing the Rainbow Bridge”

  1. Thank you so much for this powerful article, Carroll! As a devout Christian and fellow dog lover/owner (I have three dogs), the phrase “Crossing the Rainbow Bridge” depicts Heaven to me. When we make it to Heaven, we will live in a utopia-no pain, no rain, no sickness, no suffering, no stress, no burdens, happiness and joy all of the time. We and our doggies will walk the streets of gold, enjoy endless amounts of milk and honey, enjoy the beautiful sounds of the harp and timbre, and be reunited with our family, friends, loved ones, God Almighty, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (Hallelujah!). I fully believe that dogs go to Heaven, and I look forward to all of us being together on the grandest, most beautiful, most wonderful stage of all, Heaven itself. Great read! God bless you!

    1. We read it and now I read it again and I cried again! It was beautiful and brought back memories of my pets that Crossed Over and that I hope I will see again. Thank you for this beautiful look into what we hopefully can see when we Cross Over The Rainbow Bridge!

      1. Hi Dee, Carroll does have a way of touching people’s hearts with her writing! Thanks for expressing your appreciation for her post. I have passed it on, and she will be personally thanking you in a bit! 🙂

      2. Hi Dee: l thank you for stopping by our website and for your touching words. I do hope you’ll become a frequent visitor and let us know what you think. More great articles coming. All my best and enjoy your weekend. Carroll

    2. Thank you C.N. for your generosity of kindness. Your words touched my heart. It was difficult to write because it brought back sooo many memories. Plus, my tears were dropping on my keyboard restricting my efforts. I look forward to your next visit. I hope you’ll become a regular.
      My blessings to you, Carroll

  2. Hi, C.N, Lisa here. I have made Carroll aware of your beautiful comments and I’m sure you will be hearing back from her very soon. I just wanted to personally thank you for your wonderful words. God bless!

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