Dog Care Tips

How to Enrich Your Dog’s Life

Providing your dog with a fulfilling life goes beyond necessities like food, water, and shelter. It involves enriching their daily routine with activities that promote

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Dog Zoomies

Why Do Dogs Get the Zoomies?

Does your dog suddenly burst into a flurry of energy? It’s crazy time! Termed as the Zoomies, this behavior can occur whether your dog is

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Happy Dog

Do Dogs Love to Laugh?

American Kennel Club knows that dogs have fun! AKC continues to research the behaviors of these enduring canines.  We all know dogs we describe as

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Close-up of German shepherd tilting head

10 Fun Facts About Dogs

We can never get enough fun facts about dogs! Here are 10 interesting ones you may not have heard. 1. Dogs don’t feel guilt Researchers

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Monkey eating

New Pet Food Bank Program

New Pet Food Bank Program Note: Lisa and Dave Burns, founders of Farmhouse Animal and Nature Sanctuary, have partnered with local shelters and suppliers to

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